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Special-Purpose Tool Engineering

The area of special-purpose (space) tool engineering was actively developed at SPhTI. A series of wireless devices were designed and set to large-scale manufacturing.

We batch-produced power supply unit BP-55 which converted the solar-cell panel (or battery) energy into a range of regulated or unregulated output voltage of 7.5 to 1500 V of and AC. The device channels maintained overload and short relay protection, specified step-by-step and element-by-element loading, as well as supplementary cold redundancy. The capacity of BP-55 was 1400 V with a guaranteed life of 10000 hours.

Device overview BP-55

Automatic control units and power supply system stabilization units (BAS), being a part of radio- and TV-broadcasting satellites of "Molniya", "Raduga" and "Ekran" series, were successfully used in space crafts in high-elliptic orbits. The complete TV coverage of the whole USSR territory was performed due to these devices.

Overview of the device BAS 11MO66 with a transmitter

The devices BAS (11MO66 and 11MO77) provide joint operation of solar and electric storage batteries for a joint load and stabilization of voltage at load busses as well as storage battery charging. The device contains ballast for surplus power discharge, discharging-charging converter, system of automation and telemetry control. Load capacity range was 80-2000 Wt, life - 3 years.

Device overview of BAS 11MO77 with transmitter

A series of successful devices for power supply, operation, protection and control of two separate (main and back-up) loads - SPU "Agat" was designed at SPhTI. They converted the input power supply voltage of a space craft (solar cell battery, rechargeable cell) of 27 V into 30 independent D and AC voltages of 1.2V to 820 V, providing the operation of space craft different loads. Generating converter capacity is 1.2 kWt. "Agat" carries out switching and regulation of these voltages in accordance with the programme and using 12 external commands it controls 20 parameters characterizing SPU operation, loads and the space craft in general, and converts them into standard telemetering signals. In terms of design SPU "Agat" consists of 3 units. Two units operate inside the space craft under atmospheric pressure and temperature of 0-400 C. The third unit is located on the outer side and operates in vacuum within the temperature range of -50 to +600C.

Overview of SPU "Agat" with equipment set

The design of maneuver, vernier electric propulsion engines for space crafts required the creation of corresponding operating systems. SPhTI created a series of devices SPU -2, 4, 6 designed to convert power supply and engine control. The devices include
- power converter and amplifier, providing engine power supply;
- remote control system;
- power supply circuit protection and control system;
- working fluid control system providing engine gas supply;
- telemetry monitoring system of the device signal and analog parameters.

Overview of SPU-2

SPU-2 and -4 devices had power capacity of 500 Wt but SPU -6 provided the capacity of 2 kWt and had extra systems for engine preparation and start-up, as well as automated switch to back-up. Guaranteed life for devices of SPU-type was 3000 hours.

Overview of product item SPU-4

Overview of product item SPU-6

We designed appropriate instrumentation complexes for ground training and tracking of wireless devices. Due to the high quality of their design and manufacturing they were also put into mass production and were efficiently used at Baikonur and Plesetsk cosmodromes for years, as well as at space industry enterprises.

Instrumentation Set

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