Sukhum Physics Technology Institute

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ERA-SPhTI, Ltd. Bank Instructions in Russian Rubles
Beneficiary Bank: OJSCB "Bank of Moscow"
BIC 044525219
TIN 7702000406
IECC 775001001/997950001
Corr./acc. No. 30101810500000000219
at Operations Dept. Moscow
Recipient: OJSC "Sberbank of Abkhazia"
Corr./acc. No. 30111810100000000921
Payment Reference: For value of corr./acc.
No. 30101810000000000017
at Gulrypsh Branch of OJSC "Sberbank of Abkhazia"
BIC 224100017
for s/acc No. 40702810600040000071
TIN 5090310

Director: Astamour Zaurovich Bigvava

Address: Republic of Abkhazia 384964 Gulripsh Districts Agudzera