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Automated set-up for measuring material thermoelectric properties

High-precision measurement of material thermoelectric properties:
thermo-power, electrical resistivity, heat conductivity factor
and thermoelectric figure of merit Z.


-measurement error, %, not over ..5

-operating temperature range, ..20÷ 1000

-power demand,kWt×h, not over . 2


-stand area, m2not over .......... (1,0×0,7)

-stand height, m, not over.2.5

-remote control area, m2 , not over.. .....(1×0,6)

-remote control height, m2 , , not over...1.2

Test specimen dimensions:

-cross-section,mm2 ....60 ÷100

-height ..12÷20mm

Address: Republic of Abkhazia 384964 Gulripsh Districts Agudzera