Sukhum Physics Technology Institute

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About the Enterprise

Limited Liability Company ERA-SPhTI with foreign investment was founded on 5 March 2008 by Autonomous Non-commercial Organization "State Research - Technical Centre of Project and Technology Inspection" (SRTC PTI) of The Russian Federation and State Research and Manufacturing Association "Sukhum Physics and Technology Institute" (SRMA "SPhTI") in Republic of Abkhazia based on subsidiary company "ERA" SRMA "SphTI". (Research-Technical Facility "G" in the urban settlement of Agudzera, founded in 1945 following the Regulation of the State Defence Committee of the USSR. Sukhum Physics and Technology Institute was founded following the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of USSR of 1 July 1950 and the Order of First Chief Department of the USSR Ministry Council of 13 July 1950 at the premises of two separate research and technical facilities - A in the town of Sukhum and G in the urban settlement of Agudzera. Since 1994 - State Enterprise "Electronics-Radiotechnics-Automatics" of the Scientific Production Association (SPA) "SPhTI". Since 1 April 2005 subsidiary enterprise "ERA' of the State Scientific Production Association (SSPA) "SPhTI". Research and developments of "ERA-SPhTI" are devoted to the following issues:

1. Direct conversion of any kinds of thermal energy into direct current electric energy using the thermoelectric technique. Radioactive isotopes, nuclear reactors, aerodynamic heat, exhaust heat recovery of jet engines, burn-out of any kinds of organic fuel, high energy manufacturing waste heat recovery, lower-grade heat recovery, pyrotechnic composition burn-out, concentrated solar power, etc. can serve as heat sources.

2. Development of technologies and designs of thermionic converters with added performance and life-time.

3. Development and manufacturing of devices and technologic vacuum and other systems to satisfy the needs of technology processes and national economy.

4. Hydrogen research area.

We are currently retooling the plant with new state-of-the-art equipment, control and measure instruments, computers.

Address: Republic of Abkhazia 384964 Gulripsh Districts Agudzera