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Super-High Frequency (SHF) Department article on essential oil extraction technique.
Product presentation.

The Department of super-high frequency (SHF) technology presents a team of young employees of "ERA-SPhTI", Ltd. Many of them studied at leading Russian higher education institutions and have an idea about the level of modern super-high frequency techniques of vegetal resources processing. It is commonly known that our Republic is rich in vegetal resources.

The technique we use for essential oil extraction was developed by our Director General Markoliya Anatoly Ivanovich and employees of our department at SSPO SPhTI. It was patented in 2006. At present this technique is being developed at "ERA-SPhTI, Ltd.". We receive great assistance from the Director of Science and Research Institute of Agricultural Industry and Plant Growing Lyosik Yankovich Aiba and an employee of that Institute Lyudmila Mikhailovna Tarba, who preserve the croppers bred in Abkhazia, Geranium variety No.7 in particular. Our Department's Area of research is stated in the framework of Academy of Sciences of Abkhazia. The research is funded by our Institute.

Our main areas of activities are: research conducting, search of beneficial ether-bearing plants and botanic property study of these plants at molecular level; formulating tasks for arable growth of raw stock, studies on interacting process between SHF-energy and raw stock, process optimization, work over issues of domestic, medical, food and perfumery industry applications. We study the component composition of essential oils as well as the mechanism of essential oils impact on people. Our products are 100% natural and we use only natural raw stock of very high quality. .

We use mostly wild-growing raw stock, in particular the goldenrod, the eucalyptus and the laurel. We process the foliage from fallen eucalyptus trees and gather laurel leaves in ravines. We plan to set-up our own eucalyptus plantation. We have an eye for hydroponic plant of growing raw stock. Currently we have a small pilot lot of high quality eucalyptus oil ready for sale

Eucalyptus oil has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic properties and is used to treat the influenza, bronchitis, as well as significant antipyretic value. The eucalyptus oil absorbs offensive odours by disinfecting the air. Another benefit is that mosquitoes cannot stand the eucalyptus scent which makes it applicable for disinfecting premises.

A separate line of our activities is the analytical laboratory which does research not only on essential oils but also analyses the products of alcohol industry.

We hope our works will attract attention from investors and partners. We plan to extend contacts with institutes of the Kuban Region and Moscow. We are looking for cooperation with all concerned both in Abkhazia and other countries. We hope our contacts will allow us to develop more up-to-date and efficient equipment. And move from pilot production on to industrial production. We are sure that the future of Abkhazia is in the high-tech industry because only this gives high added value and interesting jobs.


- 100 % natural (does not contain synthesized perfume agents, synthetic colorants, emulsifiers, organic solvents);

- Guaranteed high quality;

- Health safe;

- Exclusive;

- Easy to use (can be used both in cosmetic salons and homes)

The main aim of our activity is creation of unique aroma oils for external application preserving the natural material purity. That is why our products are 100 % natural and we use only very high quality raw stock for their manufacturing.

Beneficial composition of the eucalyptus oil

The eucalyptus essential oil has strong, bright, fresh aroma similar to camphor. This oil is obtained from leaves and young shoots with the help of the new technique of SHF-extraction, developed in Abkhazia (by ERA-SPhTI, Ltd.).

Therapeutic effect of eucalyptus essential oil is defined by its high cineol content. Except for this important substance the eucalyptus oil contains camphene, pinene, limonene, phellandrene, globulol, flavonoids, tannins, various aldehydes and organic acids. The chemical composition of this oil comprises 40 components.

Eucalyptus oil effects

The eucalyptus oils have three-fold effects on the human body: physical, emotional and mental. The aroma, consisting of somewhat air-dispersed fugitive molecules, surrounds us. And through olfactories affects the limbic system, responsible for the memory, emotions and information perception. That is why the aromatherapy is related to energo-informational treatment methods. This fact allows using aromas to affect the people's mental state in general, their state of mind and psychical processes. The limbic system, regulating the hypothalamus, affects the production of the so called "hormones of happiness": endorphins and serotonin. Once on the skin the essential oil molecules easily get into the lymphocyte and blood-vascular system, where they will contribute to toxin eradication due to their anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and antiseptic properties. The flow of blood and lymph carries useful matters to all organs where they have beneficial effect on their state.

Medical properties of eucalyptus essential oils

The eucalyptus has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-infective properties and is used to treat cold-related diseases accompanied by cough, runny nose, throat and respiratory infections, as well as for the influenza, bronchitis and tuberculosis. This essential oil has strong antipyretic value. While fortifying the immune system the eucalyptus essential oil actively fights the virus infections, such as herpes, hepatitis, viral respiratory infections, and also inflammatory conditions, including urogenital apparatus. It is also indicated for the treatment of skin covering. The positive effect of the eucalyptus oil on the nerve system is evident in attention concentration and the ability to activate the intellectual abilities. It contributes to fast rehabilitation after an illness or a stressful situation, tension relief and is applied for increased stress treatment. The eucalyptus oil is also useful for skin problems because it helps get rid of acne and pigment spots, it heals wounds, scratches, small burns and cold injuries. The eucalyptus oil whitens skin, reinforces its angenesis and deodorizes skin covering. It is also useful for hair and scalp. It is also applied for treating problems with teeth and gums, for instance, in case of gingival inflammations, as well as for freshening up the oral cavity. It also has beneficial effect on the functions of the gastrointestinal tract. It promotes the reduction of blood sugar level in case of diabetes.

The eucalyptus oil has a positive effect on the blood circulatory system by oxygen enrichment of blood.

The eucalyptus oil has analgetic action and soothes headaches, as well as joint and back pains, arthritis and rheumatism, provides tension relief after doing sports.

The eucalyptus oil absorbs offensive odours by disinfecting the air. Its property of air disinfecting and refreshing is used in case of influenza or virus infection epidemics. Another benefit is that lice and mosquitoes can't stand the eucalyptus aroma which makes it applicable for disinfecting premises.

Applications of the eucalyptus essential oil

- In essential oil burner: not over 5 drops;

- In balmy bath: 5 drops combined with other oils (in emulsifier);

- For massages: per 10 ml of base- not over 7 oil drops;

- For rubbing: not over 8 drops per 10 ml of base;

- For hot inhalations: for the procedure duration of 5-10 min. per 200 ml of hot water - 4 oil drops;

- For aroma locket: not over 2 drops;

- For enrichment of cosmetics: per 5 ml of base - up to 10 oil drops;

- For enrichment of shampoos: per 10 ml of base - 5 oil drops;

- For bath-houses and saunas: not over 6 drops combined with other essential oils.

- The eucalyptus oil can be used for children only after they are 2 years old.

Counter-indications for the eucalyptus oil application

Note that the eucalyptus oil has very strong action which means you must closely follow quantization instructions. While applying it onto skin one usually feels a burning sensation within the first 2-3 minutes which is a natural reaction. The eucalyptus oil is counter-indicated for those with hypertension and epilepsy. Concurrent administration of homeopathic medicines may cancel the action of the latter. You must not use the eucalyptus essential oil in case of idiosyncrasy of any of its components. It is not recommended in case of pregnancy, especially in the early four months.

The eucalyptus oil

The Head of the SHF-Department - Saida Amiranovna Bagateliya

Address: Republic of Abkhazia 384964 Gulripsh Districts Agudzera